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RCA Cable MFi Certified Lightning to 2RCA Audio Stereo Adapter, Y... UGREEN


Product ID: 6618806845521

  • MFi Certified Lightning to 2RCA Cable: This Lightning to 2RCA stereo audio splitter cable equipped a Lightning port, easily enable you to connect your Lightning devices directly, no need a lightning to 3.5mm adapter to have connection anymore. Like connect an iPhone, iPad to a Hi-Fi amplifier, stereo receiver, Amplifier, AV receiver, speaker, DJ controller, turntable, soundbar, TV, projector or more RCA-enabled device for audio transmission,
  • Fantastic Audio Quality: This 2RCA to Lightning male to male cable is with a corrosion-resistant gold-plated Lightning connector for pure, clear stereo audio and minimal signal loss, and with protection against radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  • Wide Compatibility: 2RCA to Lightning stereo cable can work with your all Lightning enabled devices include iPhone, iPad and more. And compatible with the most devices that with RCA jack, include Hi-Fi amplifier, AV receiver, home audio systems, car stereo, DJ controller, turntable, soundbar, speaker, DVD player, TV and more.
  • Bi-directional Transmission: UGREEN Lightning to 2RCA cable is bi-directional, which can deliver audio from Lightning to 2RCA devices, also can deliver audio from 2RCA devices to Lightning devices.
  • Impressed Durability: This Lightning to 2RCA cable made with a rigid copper shell, sturdy connector and soft cotton mesh weaving, which will be more durable and flexible, cable flexes well around corners, and will not kink when you put it in the bag.