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6.35mm to RCA jack adapter 2 packs of stereo audio 1/4 inch male RCA... UGREEN

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Product ID: 6618805862481

  • 6.35mm to RAC Adapter: Amplifiers, speakers, guitars, or other audio systems with a 6.35mm jack can be easily connected to a mixer, sound system, microphone with RCA audio cable.
  • Wide compatibility: 6.35mm jack plug supports all devices with standard 6.35mm jack, such as Amplifier, speaker, guitar, keyboard, etc. RCA connection is compatible with all devices with an RCA cable such as home theater systems, speakers, bass amplifiers, mixers, recorders, etc.
  • High-quality workmanship: 24K gold-plated connectors are rustproof and durable with thousands of plugging and unplugging of the RCA cable. It is the perfect choice for optimal signal transmission and corrosion resistance. Smooth brass housing also supplies for maximum conductivity and durability, transmits a pure audio signal with minimal loss.
  • Small and portable: The adapter has a compact size that can simply be put in your pocket and taken anywhere.