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SAMA Sunset Simulation 7Colors 2Alarm 8Natural Sounds Digital Sunrise Alarm Clock Radio

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Product Description
Similar to a sunset, just set the time, the wake up light will gradually dim from 100% to 0% during this time.

Sunrise simulation, just set alarm time, Within 30 minutes before the time you set, the brightness of wake up light will gradually increase from 1% to100%.

It is easier and more comfortable to get up in the morning.

The wake up light owns 7 different colors light and 30 levels of brightness and you can also choose different light mode(no light, monochrome, color changing).

So you can use it for different occasions, such as night light, reading light or atmosphere light.

You can choose time display mode with 12-hour or 24-hour.

Simulate the sunset function by pre-setting brightness, duration, sleep music and volume.

The light gradually darkens with the music and helps you fall asleep quickly.

As soon as the time you set has been reached, the alarm light is switched off

Nature Sounds Snooze Function and FM Radio Alarm Clock:

* In addition to FM radio stations, the Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock can use one of 8 natural sounds
(beep, table tennis, bird,gentle, piano, ocean, power, wind)

or suond you record to wake you up. Use the record function to get a voice as the alarm sound.

The Wake Up Light also offers a snooze function that gives you an extra 5 minutes of sleep.
So that you can arrange your time properly to get a wonderful morning.