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SAMA FM alarm clock sunrise simulation and sleep assist wake-up light

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  • Simulate sunlight and wake up slowly in your sleep, baby's intimate sleep, soft and preventive, let yourself sleep peacefully and wake up warm. Good night, simulating the sunset allows you to rest and rest peacefully.
  • Wake up and wake up function, desired to sleep longer, after the alarm sound, it is repeated.
  • Touch color change lamp, RGB LED color, possess warm and romantic synchronous. Much imitating sunrise, soft warmth, no glare, converting light into seven colors. White light ten-level brightness adjustment and to meet your needs.
  • FM radio function, can be activated as an alarm ringtone, allows you to wake up every day to listen to your favorite radio station, get the latest information every day. You can set 6 kinds of natural sound weapons or set FM radio alarm, call at wake up point.
  • Power Supply: USB / AAA dry battery x 2pcs (not included) or optional power supply. This product has 9 warm white LEDs and 9 RGB LEDs. With its natural or FM radio you will wake up and wake up