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Joy-Con wireless game controller [Blue-Green] for Nintendo Switch

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  1. Professional Performance: Tailored for Nintendo Switch, this controller offers 6-axis gyro support, dual motors for vibration feedback, and a turbo burst function. It's perfect for popular games like Zelda, Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart, and Animal Crossing. Plus, it's an excellent alternative to Nintendo Switch joy-cons.

  2. Ergonomic & Non-Slip Design: Enjoy comfortable gaming with its ergonomic hand-fit design and lightweight construction. Larger buttons and joysticks prevent accidental presses. The anti-skid pattern on the back enhances grip, reducing discomfort caused by hand sweat for an enjoyable gaming session.

  3. Back Map Button: This wireless controller features a back assign button (M) that allows you to map a regular button to the rectangle (3L/3R) button. This customization simplifies access to hard-to-reach functions, enhancing your gaming convenience.

  4. Easy Connection: Effortlessly connect this joypad controller via wireless or wired options. It maintains a stable signal and automatically reconnects to your Nintendo Switch. Simply slide the controller onto the switch console for a plug-and-play experience. Note: Avoid touching the joystick during pairing; wait 5 seconds after pairing before use.

  5. 8 Colors LED Ring Light: Elevate your gaming setup with an adjustable LED ring light offering 8 different colors. This COOLEST joycon controller features 7-color and rainbow LED options, along with three distinct light modes (Single Colour Mode, Breathing Color Changing Mode, and Rainbow Mode) on both the left and right controllers. Immerse yourself in a visually captivating gaming environment.