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PHILIPS Dual Universal USB Car Charger DLP 2357 - Ultra-Fast 5W Charging

by Philips
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  1. Dual USB Ports for Simultaneous Charging: Equipped with two USB ports, this Philips car charger allows you to charge a cell phone and a tablet at full speed simultaneously, providing efficient charging for multiple devices on the go.

  2. Smart Protection Technology: Ensures the safety of your devices with advanced protection against overheating, overvoltage, and overcurrent, preventing damage to your valuable electronics.

  3. High-Speed Charging Capability: With a 3.1A output, it offers ultra-fast charging, enabling you to quickly regain maximum power for both a cell phone and tablet at the same time.

  4. Convenient Indicator Light: Features an indicator light that not only shows when the device is charging but also aids in locating the plug while driving at night.

  5. Broad Device Compatibility: This charger is compatible with a wide range of USB devices, including tablets, smartphones, and more, making it a versatile accessory for devices like iPad, iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, LG, HTC, and others.

Stay powered up during your travels with the PHILIPS Car Charger DLP 2357, combining ultra-fast charging, smart safety features, and compatibility with a variety of devices.