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MARATHON CL034001BK Mechanical Wind-Up Alarm Clock - Black

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Product Details

  • Manufacturer: Marathon
  • Item Weight: 145 Grams
  • Batteries Required: No
  • LOUD ALARM- Easy to set loud and cnterval ringlear alarm with progressive i
  • MECHANICAL WIND-UP - No electricity or batteriers are required
  • LUMINOUS HANDS- Luminescent marking on hands for easy reading in dim environments.
  • LARGE DISPLAY- Neat Dial with clear legible digits (12/24HR Format). Easy-to-read from across the room
  • ACCURACY ADJUSTER SWITCH- You Could Adjust Your Clock Faster or Slower, If required, With An Easy Switch

Color Name:BlackMarathon's Mechanical Wind-Up Alarm Clock is the perfect marriage of form and function. No electricity or batteries are required for this clock. It features an elegant, classic design with modern touches to create the perfect bedside instrument. The ambient light sensor ensures the face is illuminated in the dark and easy to read. Also, features a loud alarm. Q: My clock is running slow (or fast). How can I adjust the speed? A: On the back of the alarm clock, you will see a crescent-shaped opening. Just inside the opening, there is a lever that can be moved to different positions within the opening. In one direction, moving the lever will shorten the effective length of the hairspring and speed the clock up. The other direction will slow the clock. Here is the rule: Move the lever in small increments and move it slowly. A movement of the lever by only 1/8" should make your clock run 5 minutes faster or slower.