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Alarm Clock,Wake Up Light Digital Clock with Indoor Temperature & Green

by Wocst
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Alarm Clock,Wake Up Light Digital Clock with Indoor Temperature & Green

Product Details

  • Fashion Design:More considerate and concise design for both children and the old. Comfortable and neat design will make it perfect to fit in your bedroom decor
  • 7 Colors Backlight:7 different soft lights will change automatically in a loop. Nice night-stand for children's room. Make your honey sleep easy and pleasant and help you fall asleep naturally
  • 6 Different Natural Animals Rings:Water, cuckoo, sheep, duck, bird, frog. 6 different rings are available for choice. It can be played in normal model, which will definitely great for baby and kids
  • Multi-function:LED display shows time, date and temperature that are clear to see. Supports 12/24 hours format, along with Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature switch. The snooze mode will automatically enter once you gently touch "set" in the alarm state and it will give you extra setting minutes to sleep
  • Ideal Gift:The multifunctional alarm clock wakes you up with soft lighting and crisp sounds, it appropriate for all ages from children to seniors.Best choice as a birthday and festival gift to your family or friends.

Packing List
1x Alarm Clock
1x User Manual
To Set the Time
1. Press the "SET" button to set the time and date.
2. Press the "UP" button and the "DOWN" button to get the desired value you want.
To Switch the Temperature Unit
Press the "DOWN" button to select the indoor temperature format in °C or °F on the basis of your habit
The Time Pattern Can Be Changed Between 12 and 24 Hour Format To press the "UP" button to choose the pattern you like
Tip: If you want to turn on the light to check the time at night, please press "UP" or "DOWN"
How to Set the Alarm
1. To press the "AL" button, you will find the "ALARM" mode. Then press the "SET" button three times, you will enter the "SNOOZE" mode. If you press the "SET" button four times, you can set the "SOUND" mode
2. Press the "UP" button and the "DOWN" button to get the desired value about the time and transform 7 sound
modes 3. To press the "AL" button again, you will return to the mode of time display. Note: when you enter the "ALARM" mode, you need press the "UP" button or the "DOWN" button to confirm the state of "ALARM" and "SNOOZE" . Otherwise the alarm will not go off
To adjust the volume
When the alarm goes off, press the "UP" button and "DOWN" button to adjust the volume
What's the Function of the "TAP" Button?
While you press the "TAP" button to enter the sound play mode, 7 kinds of lights will change constantly for ten minutes. If you want to stop ringing anytime, just press the "TAP" button again. A minute later the alarm clock returns to normal mod
After alarm setting is done, remember to press UP or DOWN to turn on the alarm and snooze. The alarm icon and snooze icon will appe