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[6 Pairs] Earphone Tips New Bee 12pcs Premium Replacement Earbud Tips Blocking Out Ambient Noise


Product ID: 4774983630929

  • Slow rebound earphone, enhance the comfort of the headset to wear. Durable and general; Soft and fitting your ear, long time to wear without swelling.
  • We have three pairs of the item, includes small, medium and large, suitable for most earphone tips from 5mm-7mm.
  • Memory foam tips(ear foam cotton) can produce the seal in the ear canal, so that music is almost no loss to reverberate in your ear canal, feeling different.
  • The seal can isolate the external noise interference, even in the noisy environment, without increasing the volume up to over the noise, which can protect your ears.
  • The storage box can well protect your earbud tips from being damage, also can be used to put original tips


Memory Foam:
1. Self-stretch deformation, filling all the space and maintain the shape
2. Absorb the impact force, reduce the vibration, low rebound release
3. Never allergies, non-toxic, no side-effects
4. Transparent foam hole structure, good air permeability

Silicone Earbuds:
1. Thinner earbud edge , more softly to wear,and stronger noise isolation effect;
2. Stronger bass sound and more penetrating tenor
3. Durable and general; Soft and fitting your ear, long time to wear without swelling
4. Non-toxic, harmless, no smell, and no stimulation for human body, no allergic reactions

Model number



Memory Form and Silicone


Multicolors Options(Black/Red/Gary/etc)

Memory Form Diameter: Silicone Earbuds Diameter:
Large: outer 12.95mm
inner 4.9mm
Large: outer 13.8mm
inner 4.9mm
Middle: outer 12.6mm
inner 4.9mm
Middle: outer 12.6mm
inner 4.9mm
Small:outer 10.8mm
inner 4.9mm
Small: outer 10.8mm
inner 4.9mm