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Product Registration

Brands World CA

Thank you for purchasing our product and taking a few moments to register it online. Your registration helps us keep you up to date on product information and offers.

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What do I need to get started?

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    Creating an Account with us will allow you to:

  • Register all your orders with us even if you did not buy it from this website.

  • FREE GIFT for each order will be register in your account before 31 July 2021

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  • Why Register Your Product?


    Gain quick and easy access to product details, tips and more.

    Get special offers, new products, or feature updates.


    Obtain more efficient warranty service in case there is a problem with your product.


    It is Guaranteed FREE GIFT or Promo Code for each order you will register in your account before: 31st March 2021

    Extended WARRANTY

    30 days extra Money Back Guarantee

    All registered products will have: 30 days extra Money Back Guarantee 06 Month FREE Extended Warranty